US CMA coaching

  • 2019-09-17
  • In CPA USA
US CMA coaching

US CMA is a professional course of management in accounting. It is equivalent to Indian CMA. With CMA(US) you have the opportunity to work in India as well as abroad. US CMA delivers key skill intensification in internal accounting (F&A) roles and adds extra credibility in your career. Some key responsibilities and decision analysis areas that will be assigned to CMAs are:

  • Pricing Decision
  • Cost Management
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Raising Capital
  • Investment decision
  • Financial Analysis

After the certification what comes next is job opportunities. An ample amount of opportunities comes along with CMA(US). Any organization raising funds in the USA, parenting a USA based subsidiary, listed in USA stock exchanges or originating in the USA needs to comply with the SEC(Securities Exchange Commission) standards. This is just about any major company, or MNC currently functioning in India. SEC complying companies (Issuers) will require a CMA for their internal accounting and financial reporting. Incidentally, most MNCs and large Indian companies hire CMAs and CPAs with this intention.

  • As per reports, a substantial number of Indian professionals are possessing a CMA certification. Consequently, MNCs and large corporations hire directly in India. This trend is recent and has resulted in significant cost savings to the aforementioned companies to the extent that they now promote CMA by sponsoring their own employee’s certification expenses


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